IT Industry in Malta


Overview of the IT industry in Malta

Indisputably, Malta has lately been globally recognised as being a prosperous hub for the IT industry following the attainment of several positive results. Amidst various attractive features including an appealing tax regime, the encouraging results have definitely paved the way for several businesses and entities to establish and operate their IT businesses locally.

In fact, world-wide brands such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sap and HP as well as software developers including Uniblue, Crimsonwing, Anvil, GFI, RS2 and Ixaris have all been attracted to operate in the local industry. As a result of this, figures and statistics compiled by authoritative institutions demonstrate that this sector, albeit being relatively novel, is contributing approximately 7% of the GDP – a figure which is expected to further increase in anticipation of a booming IT sector in the future.

Recent successes enticing Foreign Direct Investment

  • The European Commission’s 2014 Benchmarking Report on e-Government Services has ranked Malta in first place both in User Centricity, Transparency as well as Cross Border Mobility;
  • Malta ranked in 23rd position regarding e-readiness rating by ‘The Economic Intelligence Unit 2010’;
  • Contemporarily being highly ranked in the UN’s E-Government Development Index;
  • In recent reports, the World Economic Forum ranked the local government in third place for successfully promoting ICT. Simultaneously, the Maltese Government has heavily invested in the SmartCity Malta project intended to host business focused mainly on ICT.

Benefits of investing locally

  • Local academic institutions such as the University of Malta and MCAST yield highly talented and qualified students in the field of ICT on a yearly basis. This equips any foreign investors with the required human resources;
  • Malta is an English speaking country facilitating communications as well as having strong links with the European Union and its member states and
  • Economical financial framework promoting further investment in the IT sector.

Why Nexia BT?

We offer IT System & Compliance Audits, covering areas such as:

  • Business continuity & disaster recovery;
  • Information Security policy;
  • Service agreements and Network Infrastructure; and
  • Advisory Services to assist clients in leveraging the full potential of their IT infrastructure.

Our people are certified in PRINCE2 and have several years of experience in managing projects internationally within the Software Vendor industry. We provide the expertise and soft skills required to manage complex IT projects. This frees up your valuable personnel and resources so that you can focus on your core business activities.


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