Malta… an Expat’s top three preferred choice


Recently launched findings of a survey conducted by Internations, the largest international Expat community, has confirmed Malta as one of the top three most favoured destinations throughout the world with individuals wishing to move to a new country seeking a better way of life.

The survey’s conclusions are based on feedback received from 14,000 individuals from 195 countries who were asked about the pros and cons of living overseas including  issues such as where do they enjoy the best quality of living, which countries are ideal for raising children and where expats can make the most of their budget?

In a picture portraying the results, Malta is visibly classified in third place just behind Mexico and Ecuador amongst a total of over sixty countries. The analysis, evidently classifies Malta as the preferred destination among all European countries, clearly reaffirming the positive outlook towards the country.

This is not the only survey which has endorsed Malta as an attractive relocation proposition. In fact, a separate study published recently by New World Wealth has similarly revealed that ‘Malta is named as one of the top destinations for the Super-Rich’. Similarly Forbes classified the Mediterranean island as one of the top 15 countries to retire at, following on to the World Risk Report which in 2013 had declared Malta as the second safest country.

Such consistent results add further attraction to the island apart from its rich history, colourful culture, sun, sea and hospitable people. Ultimately, it is unquestionably overwhelming for our nation to consistently attain high rankings in well-founded published surveys as such results not only re-affirms Malta’s robust status internationally but also encourages further growth and development.

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