Taking a byte from the IT sector


On the 27th August 2015, the Malta Business Observer featured an article about the IT Sector citing comments from Nexia BT’s IT team.

The IT sector in Malta is flourishing, with revenues of €694 million in 2014, an increase of 10.2% over the previous year. Over the past decade, its share of Malta’s gross value added has more than quadrupled, from 2.18% to 10.0%. But this success has brought with it intense competition, with many firms seeking niche markets in order to survive and grow.

 “Everyone recognises IT as important, but unfortunately it is often merely regarded as a cost centre. Often businesses engage in expensive IT investments or go to the other extreme where not enough investment to support business growth is undertaken,”.

“Often, when disasters strike and not enough planning would have been done to mitigate the situations, it would be too late to salvage matters as the damage would already have been done. Through our approach, we analyse how IT strategy is aligned with business strategy and then we design controls to measure the effectiveness of this alignment. Clients that acted on the report findings have reported immediate benefits such as process efficiency, resource optimisation and therefore cost savings.”

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