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Nexia BT participates in Nexia Day


Nexia BT staff joined Nexia member firms around the globe to stand together and celebrate Nexia Day which was held on Wednesday, 13 September.

Nexia Day is designed to enable the Nexia network and its member firms to celebrate being part of the network by organising business-focused activities that promote and further embed its brand promise ‘Closer to you’ and the three core values which underpin it; ‘Enduring relationships’, ‘Business minded’, and ‘Being there for clients (Globally connected)’.

The Nexia BT team from Malta were encouraged to donate a small contribution and pose for a photo using a red nose from Dr Klown, a Maltese NGO who is made up of volunteers who, spend some of their free time to stand alongside kids undergoing treatment and help them, and their family, through difficult times.  The Events Committee also prepared lunch for employees with all proceeds donated to the mentioned NGO.

Kevin Arnold, CEO of Nexia International said: “Nexia Day is an opportunity to celebrate being part of a great network by focusing on one of our core values. We in the Secretariat have decided to focus on enduring relationships this year as this has been built from truths about our network; building strong professional relationships within our network of firms, and between firms and their clients. It is a great way for everyone to get involved and celebrate the strengths of our network, wherever they are.”

Brian Tonna, Managing Partner, Nexia BT added: “As a member firm of Nexia International since 2007, we are proud to participate in this initiative and true to our ethos ‘Closer to You’. We always strive to keep strong relationships between our team members, with our clients, in the global Nexia network and in the community in which we operate.’

Nexia BT celebrates Nexia Day