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Nexia BT sponsors Kilimanjaro Challenge Malta


Nexia BT is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Kilimanjaro Challenge Malta, 2017. This year, a team of 18 will be taking on the challenge to raise funds for the construction of a kindergarten in Jemu, Ethiopia.

In January, the Kilimanjaro Challenge Malta’s team will test their physical and mental abilities and aim to reach the summit of the highest free-standing mountain, Kilimanjaro.

This time, the funds will be invested in a project led by the Moviment Missjunarju Gesù fil-Proxxmu to build a kindergarten which will accommodate 120 children. Works are already well underway and it estimated that the school will be up and running by January 2017.

The expedition marks the 10th anniversary from the inceptions of this Kilimanjaro Challenge initiative. Over the years, the collated funds have exceeded the €580,000 mark, which money was invested in a number of projects including a school, a convent and a house hosting over 100 individuals who are physically impaired.

At Nexia BT, we believe that our commitment is not only to our clients and employees but to society in general. With the intention of sustaining this spirit, we try to assist organisations or institutes by financially helping them or by dedicating some of our time to support them in their projects.

Manuel Castagna meets the Kilimanjaro team

Manuel Castagna meets the Kilimanjaro team